The Devotional That Ai Wrote

Top image is a clock and Bible. Bottom picture is a robot hand touching digital circle ring.
Canva Pro | Freedom007 (top) Syda Productions (bottom)

>write a devotional for today

My thoughts

Getty | PeopleImages

>where did this come from?

>provide scriptures

So Many More Questions

Black church choir. Four Black women singing and clapping hands

>history of “God is Good” in the Black Church

One More Question for Jasper

Two men looking fearfully silly.
Getty Images | Koldunov

>Do you think connecting AI with God’s word is problematic?

>write some titles for today’s devotional

Moving Forward




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Chanda Burrage, MS, MIA

Chanda Burrage, MS, MIA


Doctoral student in geography and organizational leadership. Adjunct Lecturer at CUNY-Medgar Evers College. Global social change maker.